Long Ago You Abort My Desires

by Brother De Buff

    you were the everything i needed
       when i was under the spell
           of your unreal love
      long ago you were my desirer
       today i am free to move on
        the love i gave was real
    how can your heart grow so cold
      you were only thinking of self
           this chill my soul
   after your departure i saw the reason
           this you must hear
   i love you and did not want you to go
       we could of raise our child
     with all that we had in our hand
i know the lord above would of made a way
    you see my God is always on time
          woman of little faith
  you decide to take matter in your hand
    what gave you right to give death
         to the blessing of God
          i weep for my lover
       i weep for the child unborn
   i ask God to have mercy for my child
         i never will forget you
  you fail to tell me of child in your womb
           the seed of hope
            growing in trust
 our child would be great in world to come
        why you had to play God
      when you do not know how to
      you destroy a lot of tomorrow
           when you aborted
            a child of love
      you did proclaim love for me
          as proclaim for you
         i am sorry for your soul
          cause of evil heart
       dreams will not come true
    you will someday have to answer
             for your deed
     and i will remember you always
       as the woman that destroy
           part of my world

   sister pillettew pennisd pilkinsw

Long Ago You Abort My Desires by Brother De Buff

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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