Swallow the Truth

by Dea Divi

Cold darkness fills the void within the days and nights that don't resonate this appeal.

Soon, I fade as the fire collides and becomes water.

What world swallows me whole as the life energy calls out my name.

I can hear it like the youth dying within the oceans of Agea.

As long as I can voice this truth will you swallow me?

\Recognize the truth between the lines for it's in you to see me like anything else.

Recognizing, and realizing between the truths of what is seen by the love deep inside of all.

Warm light fades as the night becomes filled with rage turning the fruits of tomorrow to die.

Will it swallow the tumbling roots of truth that can be seen?

Do you need arms to hold you up to see this truth?

I can hear it like the myths disappearing from the crowds and reign of the worlds recognizing 

like the open waltz.

Speak to me with this falling love found deep inside of everything.

Swallow me, swallow me with this truth and realize the value of the void.

Oh! it's deep inside of you and me to see, all these arms belong around this phase.

It's deep inside of you and don't see that it's in me too.

Swallow me, swallow me, in this truth that fire and water shall rule and become one with this 

etching eternal sun and moon ever gracing the Aega of eros and psyche performing.

No value but a resonance of prolonged torture with such colliding blinds the seekers from 

arising to this place.

Swallow the truth and bring the ether to this cause for it is near the time.

Swallow the Truth by Dea Divi

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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