Moonlight Ties

by Dea Divi

A moment is all the young lovers have under the moonlight shedding their ties of poetry.
Holding one another for a moment, taking a breath to bask in the moonlight.
Dream and dream of the sweetness of passion, 
let the waters race over you and drink you sober like a martini.
Dance upon the eerie night that brings a blood moon but in each other's eyes for moment, 
life dines on like the sands breaching one's feet.
There the fabric of youth tantalizes the cream of soup 
that rushes as a dance appears on this bloody moon.
Hold one another and don't let go for even a moment.
Drink yourself in, for this might be the last time for a moment.
Moonlight ties hem and sway with revolution of divinity becoming a collective.
Breath the light and dark as one becoming the moon and ocean as one.
Dream and suckle this flesh moment as it is an offering of night.
What a moment, say you love her or him, 
tell one another anything and tomorrow may never come 
but drinking of each other before it is said adieu.
Moonlight ties in a dance becomes the warmth of the sands 
below the feet under the ominous moon 
bathing with sparkles mounting the skies to shine hard.
Be careful of the fountain fades as the morning crosses the sky 
and the moon disappears binding one last hold of holding each other dear.
They were only there for a moment.

Moonlight Ties by Dea Divi

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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