Song of Dayo

by Dayo Adesuyi


Glad to see ur face

Woke up this morning

Wanting to kiss ur lipz

...sad ur away

Wish u were here right

Next to me luv

So I could kiss all over


While rising up

...while Feeling for the

Center of ur foreverness-


foreverness is inside of u

And I just wanna

Feel a touch of heaven

...I just want to

Make u hot

While I drop

Seeds of life

All over the depths of ur garden


Oh luv

I canít wait for ur return

The burning inside of me

Has me yearning

To lay down

Inside ur wet hot

Fountain of life that while

Touching ur foreverness

We can produce some foreverness

...we can call her Jada...

I donít care...we can call

Her Olivia

Or Sophia


Or Kendala

...whateva the name

Our foreverness

Will still smile the same...


Canít wait for u to get back

So we can make it rain



I am a king

And as a queen

U r the steam

That makes me wing

Up and



Hurry back

...we gonna fly luv

Song of Dayo by Dayo Adesuyi

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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