My Lover My Brother My Daddy's Son

by David Williams

First Date
Chapter 6

It was 7 a.m. the next day when I woke up. I heard a lot of commotion going on in the next room, so I got up to go check things out. The door to the bathroom was partly open, and Tashán was bent over the sink. I knocked on the door before pushing it open wider. The smell of vanilla found its way up inside my nose. He was topless and lightly oiled. He had on blue and yellow-stripped Calvin Klein boxers. A bushy trail of pubic hair rose from down under and stopped at the bottom of his belly button. His chest was bare like a little boy’s, but each pect was perfectly shaped as if they were chiseled in place.

He lifted his face from the sink and looked over through the side of his eyes. “What’s up?” he said, taking notice of me.

“You need to cut down some of that noise up in here. People are trying to sleep.” I stared down on him sharply with my hand on my hip.

“I’m sorry. Did I wake you?” He turned to the left to reach for his rag, which was hanging over the shower door, then began pat drying his face as he turned back to face my direction.

“No, you didn’t.” I spun around, walking away from him.

“Wait!” I felt his hand on my waist, his fingers touching the top of my hip, right below my panty line. The camisole I was wearing had sheer material throughout the entire back. Every bit of my pretty honey skin was open for his eyes to take in.

I threw his hand off my waist. “Can I help you?” I asked, turning back to face him. His lightly oiled chest stuck out at me like my nipples do when they get hard. And, let me tell you, I could feel them getting hard at that very moment just from me looking at him. Feeling a bit abashed, I crossed my arms over them to hide the protrusion.

“Seeing that you’re still here, let me take you out for a day of fun.” Tashán licked his lips one full sweep. I couldn’t front. I wasn’t leaving today, and I wasn’t about to let another minute pass with this man by actin’ all hard and silly.

“Are you finished in the bathroom?” I asked.

He nodded his head yes.

“Just give me twenty minutes to get ready. Okay?”

“I’ll give you thirty. You can’t rush perfection.” He winked his eye at me then went off to his bedroom.

The outfit I wore down Thursday afternoon was the fliest set I had brought with me. I had no intentions of this happening. Regina and I were about the same build. I figured I could borrow something out of her closet to wear for the day. I couldn’t have Tashán thinking I was some raggedy chick.

I ran upstairs and through the lounge area before I reached Regina’s bedroom. Before I made a fool of myself by knocking on the door, I turned around just before reaching it once I heard the knocking going on in the room. Daddy was tearing it down in there!

“Yes, baby... fuck me, honey... harder!”

I couldn’t believe the words I heard coming out of Regina’s mouth. Not the lawyer? I guess behind closed doors the worst in all of us comes out.

Now what was I going to do? I couldn’t put on that same outfit. I had it on right before the ride, during the ride, and when Regina, Daddy and I went out to eat at Carrabba’s. I just had to be real with Tashán and tell him that I couldn’t go out because I had nothing suitable to wear. I wasted twenty minutes alone contemplating.

I knocked on Tashán’s bedroom door, still dressed in my camisole and not even showered yet. When he opened up, I delivered the bad news.

“I’m sorry, Tashán, but I can’t go out with you.” He looked bemused but remained quiet. “I don’t have anything appropriate to wear. I didn’t come up here expecting to meet you and go out. Once again, I’m sorry.”

“Is that it?” he said, speaking as if it was no big deal.

I pouted like a little girl in front of him.

“Get your shower, put on something clean no matter what it is, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

‘He’ll take care of the rest?’ I know exactly what that means. He was taking me shopping. Phabian used to say the same thing when I complained to him about having nothing to wear. Most of the time, I would just ask him to take me shopping and he would oblige. Tashán knew he couldn’t have a dime like me looking like a scab next to him.

“Alright!” I was excited walking off to go jump in the shower, but he couldn’t tell seeing the sad face I left him with.

I washed my ass extra clean in the ten minutes I had left. I practically wasted half the bottle of my plumeria-scented shower gel from Bath and Bodyworks rushing to get ready. My faded blue Esprit jeans and my red Gap t-shirt was what I threw on. It might sound like some decent gear, but believe me, it wasn’t.

I hurried to deal with my thick curly hair. It was still wet from the shower. I had no time for anything stylish, so I pulled it all back in a ponytail. If Tashán didn’t like the way it looked, we could always make a stop at my girl Dorine’s salon for a touch up.

“I’m ready, Tashán.” I walked into the TV room to find him there sitting, watching the same action flick from yesterday. He stood and then turned to me after hearing my call to attention.

“You look good. What’s wrong with what you have on?” Tashán’s taking to my outfit said he didn’t know shit about women’s fashion. I hope this doesn’t change his mind about taking me shopping. He looked like he could use a few new pieces of clothes himself. Those over-washed Mecca shorts and that ate up iron on Nautica t-shirt was not cute at all.

“You’ve obviously never been with a classy woman before. If you had been, you’d know that this does not look good.” I pointed to myself, making reference to my gear. “Maybe you’d prefer a ghetto bitch. Some ole’ broke down ho to tag alongside your tacky dressing ass. Ask me what I think about that bullshit you got on.”

He scrunched up his face, making it known that he didn’t like the comments I had just made.

“Now hold on just a minute, love.” His tone changed significantly from when he first spoke. He sounded on the defense. My sassy attitude dropped off. I thought I might’ve come off too hard.

“You don’t know me at all to be comin’ off on me like that. If you plan on going anywhere with me, you’ll need to straighten that attitude out before we leave here.”

Tashán returned to his seat and continued on with the movie.

I knew I was wrong, but I still debated with myself about apologizing. I’m usually the one to check a person and put them in their place. However, at that moment, I was the one being checked. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted some new clothes so bad that I just broke down and gave in.

“My bad, Tashán. I got a lil’ carried away. It just bothered me that you like what I have on. I really want to look my best out with you.” I gave a sincere song and dance.

Tashán wasn’t the least bit fazed. He didn’t even turn from the TV to acknowledge my apology.

‘Oh no, this nigga did not just ignore me.’ I fumed within. I began approaching the couch ready to clap him dead in his head. Just then, the TV shut off and Tashán stood up.

“Your apology is accepted.” He smiled and that thinly framed gold tooth flashed in my eyes.

‘You’re lucky ya ass is so fine.’ I smiled outside of my thought. I felt a huge relief. ‘I’m going shopping. I’m going shopping,’ I sung to myself like a little kid.

“C’mon, let’s go.” He reached over the couch, grabbed hold of my hand, and led me along the back until we met side by side.

Right before we exited the house, I told Tashán to hold on and then ran back to the kitchen to leave a post-it note of our whereabouts for Daddy and Regina. After a session like what I heard, it made no sense to even say goodbye to them.

I hustled back up to the front. Tashán already had the door open, preparing to depart.

“Later, Mom…later, Vaughn,” he turned back to the steps and shouted out.

He had no clue as to what took place earlier between the two. If he’d heard his mom moaning and talking that dirty talk like she was doing, he probably would’ve gotten grossed out. Although we know our parents have sex, actually hearing the squeaks of the bed, the spanking of the ass, and the moans and grunts from them are the extras we care not to share a part in.

“C’mon, silly,” I said jokingly, grabbing hold of his wrist while pulling him out the door.

My Lover My Brother My Daddy's Son by David Williams

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