Love the Sadist, Die the Masochist

by DarkMoon

Loving you is a feeling of exquisite pain. 
An aggevating itch that feels oh so good to scratch...
Wearing you like my tatoo...
Stinging like hell, but, the beautiful ends
justify the painstaking means.
I die in your lap, diggin you like my grave...
For my last resting place lies within your arms.
My ism is one of a masochismic nature...
Can`t get enough of the ache you lay on my soul.
Each blow to my heart only beckons me nearer.
I should break the shackles, chaining me to you...
But, with you always is where I gotta be.
I`m high on you.
Dearest afflictor, I`m your fiend.
I`ve de-tox`d a dozen times...
each time I hear you calling me. 
Calling me for one last hit...
Should I call you to come see me?
I`m overcome by feelings of love and hate...
My love spun in violently by the despise in my heart.
I breathe you in and my air is stale.
I drink u down and in you I drown.
I wrap myself in you and suffocate. 

Love the Sadist, Die the Masochist by DarkMoon

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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