10 Minute Intervals of Boredom

by Darkmoon

It's Ten Fifty
Ten minutes 'til Eleven
And I gotta do something to free me from this place I'm in.
No drink, no smoke to numb my aches.
So I write to prevent a mental break.
My eyes are twitchin'
My head is spinnin'
My heart is poundin'
And damnit...
Why does my scalp keep itchin'!?
There's NEVER anything good on TV
Okay, 10 after....
I gotta stay busy.
No voicemail to check and all the bills have been paid,
Who can I call so I can get layed?
Naa, naa.... keep my focus... keep it together
Gotta do something else... anything... whatever.
Ain't shit to eat and no where to go,
Half past.... 
I'm sick of this shit and I can't take it no mo'!
No one is home and no gas to go ridin',
Well Golden Girls will be on soon, so I'll just keep writin'.
10 more minutes of zoning out into space,
Are the walls closing in on this place?
20 minutes til eleven 
My eyes are now getting heavy.
This spoon will probably hang on my nose if I just keep it steady.
Mmmmmm 10:59 and under the sheets there's peace for me....
Man damn!  Now I gotta pee!

10 Minute Intervals of Boredom by Darkmoon

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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