What Happened To All The Ladies?

by Dara Lewis

Between hair beads, ponytails, and pink lips
And the deep rouge and black thongs of wise hips,
Is the creation of a lady from a girl.
Where learned is the grace for a woman to emerge

Like the caterpillar, prepared though the time spent as a cocoon
For a metamorphosis into a life only a butterfly can assume

Pink lips were never meant to achieve wise hips
Without even the understanding of the power in a simple kiss

Ignorant of the need to grow through time and change
Preferring to jump from being a girl to a woman, skipping the most important stage

Where strength, patience, and real love is learned
And applied through experience, wise hips legitimately earned.

For packed within Womanhood is tremendous responsibility,
Needing time for its preparation, requiring a great deal of maturity.
Ignored are the consequences of taking on womanhood to soon,
Aborted dreams of a handicapped life caused by pre-maturely leaving the womb

Itís a tragedy to see little girls so in a hurry
To be women, skipping the stage of becoming a lady
Not knowing that it is better to be a woman without wise hips,
Than to have wise hips but still have pink lips 

What Happened To All The Ladies? by Dara Lewis

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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