It Is A Phenomena

by Dara Lewis

It is a phenomena
Unlike any human, earthly, or natural manifestation
The ultimate experience.
So unique there is no adequate description

Itís as if mind, body, and soul merge
combining thoughts and emotions into a spiritual soup
on which I feed hungrily
each bite bringing me closer to you

Your softness arouses each and every tenderness
with a patience that awakens my body
teasing but reassuring me
heavily anticipating each touch

Each kiss, each thought, every moment intensifying
Driving us closer and farther together
Until finally our souls dance
Moving to a rhythm divinely choreographed.
We grind and spiritually intertwine
Becoming music as we make love.

Passion so real it is overwhelming
My mind races to process each sensation
The doors of my soul are wide open
Giving our souls a place to worship

I feel completely free
Amazed by this phenomenal passion
My cup is overflowing.
I am speechless. 

As if prisoner to an unseen force
I am pulled higher, farther, and deeper
Into a place that even angels cannot see
To perfection.
Found above the clouds and below the sea.
As my mind, body, and soul approach it
I see a glimpse of heaven
Unable to enter in a natural state,
I am drawn into a whirlwind
Our souls pulling tighter
Bearing down in the midst of an incredible emotional release
I attempt to hold on to you, to life, to anything, 
As uncontrollably my body quakes.

It Is A Phenomena by Dara Lewis

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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