I Was Fifteen Minutes Early

by Dara Lewis

I was fifteen minutes early. Making great time
On a beautiful summer day. Nothing but music on my mind

To the Be Bop, I Do Wopped with each stride
Greeting all with a “what’s up” or a “hello”, and of course, a smile

It was to my own rhythm that I flowed
In and out, puttin’ it down. Hitting every single note

The breeze. The sun. It was a picture perfect day
And I had no clue my that timing was on beat with destinies pace

Looking back I remember the song being played on the stereo of my life
Incomplete though I didn’t know it until I met music with deep brown eyes

Tall with smooth chocolate skin. I could eat every single bite
Licking my lips to get all of the flavor. Always satisfied

His smooth, solo vibe was easy to recognize
But our perfect duet took us both by surprise

Music brought the bass. That hard funky base.
Filling my music sheets, page after page

Music and I were the perfect rhythm. An amazing, incredible vibe 
Off the scales. On another level. Reaching past love, becoming light

Creating notes that cannot even be held in the sky
It’s hard to imagine that a love this beautiful would be denied

That fate would take us up to perfection and then not let us climax
Knowing and feeling love’s strength but fate too powerful a force to fight with

But for a moment our souls danced to an original song that will never fade
Ours a beautiful, sad love song: Fifteen minutes early was still a lifetime too late   

I Was Fifteen Minutes Early by Dara Lewis

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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