Why Am I Poor

by "dah"

Being poor
     it is not my legacy
     it is not the legacy of my people

Why do I suffer the pangs of poverty
     when the earth is never lacking
     never selfish
     does not comprehend greed

     it cripples my mind with fear
     with uncertainty
     it robbes me daily of my dignity
     my visions and my health
     stressing me beyond my sanity

     it locks me inside of its prison walls
     raping me of my birthright - a peaceful existence
     the right to food
     to be sheltered
     to be clothed
     to be honest
     respected and true

Being poor
     now I am dejected
     as the HAVES take more of my nothings
     consuming my flesh and drinking my blood
     as they dine daily on my misery

     its roots are nurtured
     in the ownership of land
     stolen lands - surveyed, fenced in, locking people out
     with signs that read "No Natives Allowed"

     it is unnatural, ungodly, and unjust
     and who is to blame
     for my being poor

Why Am I Poor by "dah"

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