Living A Lie

by dah

You've lost your humanity
     You've buried you manhood/womanhood
      in a shallow grave
I have no need of you
      in your desolate mind-set
      which cause you to be
      ineffective in your efforts 
      to produce greater
Greater has become - money
      money to advance a worthless system
      that thrives on your ignorance
      as you buy a 12 bedroom mansion
      with a 10 car garage, a tennis court,
      2 pools, and you live alone
      your only company being your senselessness
Greater has become - flesh
      as you frequent the gym, mindlessly forcing 
      your body beyond its natural limitations
      using your "brawn" as a detour away from
      your mind that you've left un-nurtured,
      undeveloped, and un-mined as you're always
      afraid someone might cahllenge the nothingness
      you frightfully hide there
Greater has become - sexual perversion
      as woman is being stripped of her clothes, her
      senses, her womanhood, her motherhood, inciting
      reckless abuses upon her wholeness, even unto her
      death and who is made accountable?  No one!
      When woman loses her womanhood, man loses his way,
      his humanity, he loses his mind
I see you as you busy yourself
      living a lie
I see you each morning
      rearranging yourself
      as IT IS a required duty
      when you choose
      to live a lie
You've become quite the contortionist

Living A Lie by dah

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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