I Don't Like Me

by Stephanie Crosby

Hums; ta-ta-ta-ta

Laying here with this man
I know it's sex but I wish it was more
Praying when he gets out of bed,
he'll feel the same as he did before
But I know good damn well when walks out the door 
I ain't gonna hear from him any more.....damn it
I walk past the mirror afterwards
This mirror don't look the same
I don't look pretty today
I thought I liked how I turned out
But people keep telling me to change
Maybe their right, I made a mess of my life
I don't know where or when I lost my sight
All I can do is shake head because I did this to myself
Damn it
I'm so dumb who the hell would want me around
I can admit this; I need some help
Cause she's prettier than me
Damn I wish I had her body
I can hear my self esteem
I don't like me

I Don't Like Me by Stephanie Crosby

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