Conversing with Celestial Beings

by Joshua Crayton

In the 1930's a French anthropologist visited Mali, West Africa to learn more about the Dogon tribe. The Dogon people tell stories and myths about the star constellations, Sirius A, and Sirius B. Many of the celestial bodies were not seen by the human eye until the invention of the telescope. The Dogon describe the composition of the star systems and tell tales of alien visitors who informed them of various constellations inhabited by beings. These stories and many others are what legends and tales are made of. They are called myths of fictitious stories of the African Tradition. Some don't believe they are fictitious stories at all.

What if the Africans where astronomer's way before science was the structure upon which everything is based? The priest knew that other beings lived in other realms. They communicated with the spirits of the earth, ghosts, and people of other dimensions, times, and places. Did they have face to face encounters with these beings? It is quite possible. It is also possible that through altered states of consciousness they were able to travel to those places and meet with other races. Are altered states of consciousness a necessity to communicate with alien beings? No.

The people cut off their ability to communicate with disembodied beings and beings that sometimes cannot be seen with the physical eye. They were manipulated, and were willing to be manipulated and implanted and are unwilling to be conscious and infinite. Would an infinite being be able to converse with beings of any realm? The Hindu and Christian religious text are filled with imagery of places filled with unending happiness, lands flowing with milk and honey and streets paved with gold. Are these actual places and planets or are they legends, fictitious myths of Religious Tradition?

David sometimes has bizarre dreams. He is always being abducted and carried away into the night sky. He say's aliens aren't that much different from the people of the earth. Some look like humans and have rather large doe like eyes. When he goes to visit other planes of existence the kids that inhabit those lands say "Oh no, here comes David again." "What are you doing up here wouldn't you rather be at home"? "The kids on other planets are very smart", David says, they are playful and work sitting near machines collating data." Some species of aliens look nothing like humans at all and are very frightening. David explains there is nothing to be afraid of. They just look intimidating. When David is screaming in the middle of the night he is demanding that they put him down. He knows he is the most dominant entity in his life. David refuses to allow the aliens to abuse him although he has felt them manipulating his body before.

He said communicating with aliens is much like communicating with animals. If they sense you have no fear they will visit you. They will talk with you in dreams or in images. If the aliens sense you are bored with planet earth they will take you on adventures. If they sense you don't enjoy living they will beckon you to join them in a new home among the stars. If they sense you are unaware of how infinite you are they will terrorize you. What else is possible?

One night David says he was carried away by a woman who described herself as a guide. He says sometimes the aliens will disguise themselves to look like people you know so you won't be scared. She said she was of the Reptilian Race. They entered a room crawling with lizards and alligators. David stood on a couch and watched in amazement. The guide dared David to make a choice that would send him in the direction of his fantasy. A crystal Kabbalah tree appeared suspended in the air shimmering in the colors of the rainbow.

The next year David says the Lizzies came to visit him again. David lay next to his lover and asked what would it take for more conscious play mates to show up? Three smiling lizards appeared and David said "No not you guys." This made David aware that everything he asked for would show up. Was David aware of what he was asking for?

David woke up in the middle of the dream and explained to his lover what he saw and his lover hugged and kissed him because she knew what the Lizzies where attempting to communicate to him. The next day David had a dream. His teacher sat surrounded by young men and women with large opaque eyes. They were discussing information and David felt the urge to sit in his teacher's seat. Upon awakening he closed his eyes again only for his third eye to be imprinted with the image of a single Grey.

The third day he shared the dream with his friend. He said I tapped into the energy of the Sirian's and I noticed they were sad. "They seemed upset with me," he explained to his friend. David knew why they were sad. They were sad because so many people refused to be the energy that would transform all of reality. David asked the Sirian's why would you be so invested in us changing your fate aren't you to infinite beings?

Most people are terrified of aliens and the idea of their being life on other planets just like early explorers where afraid of the black natives of Africa. The priest and shamans of ancient Africa were not afraid of their ability to communicate with alien beings. They speak with us sometimes to expand possibilities. What else is possible? The ancient ones where looking for ways to have communion with all things. The ancient ones hip-hopped time, spaces, dimensions, and realities. They were clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant. What is beyond those capacities, talents and abilities?

Conversing with Celestial Beings by Joshua Crayton

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