Malicious Exposure

by Courtney

My mouth filters out the angry words that were meant for your ears.
My emotions flip from pain to joy whenever you are near.
I'd love to tell you of all the ways and days you've pissed me off.
The monologue I've practiced reaches my throat, soon after that its lost.
You have so much control over me yet you act as if you don't.
Here I'v given so much to you what else more do you want?
I foolishly offered to you my heart and you greedily swallowed it whole.
My vision being blurred by our nights of passion that you said must remain untold.
A steady stream of lies you weave like a spider hard at work.
Have you stopped to take into consideration all who would get hurt?
Reminding me how lucky you are to have someone around like me.
Who patiently waits for you to steal away or call whenever YOU are free.
You've gained access to my heart by way of your decietful tongue.
Understand that to me you are as precious as the air in my lungs.
How could you not know of your impact on me?
How you've crafted my mind to fit your every need.
Holding me captive with the passion of your kisses.
Shaping and molding yourself the perfect mistress.
Can you imagine taking the time to ask me how I felt?
I've lived in agony for a year and a half, mind aking me how I dealt?
Valentine's, New Year's, Christmas, holidays never spent with me.
These are the days that you took your role as husband and father seriously.
But you're never too numb not to feel me back away from you.
Luring me back with promises that keep me in love with you.
That song " Emotional Roller Coaster" It ain't got nothing on me.
There are days when my only peace is found in the comfort of sleep.
And each time I work harder to try and walk away.
You show up convincing me that you really need me to stay.
I always heard that relationships end best when there is closure.
But I honestly think my heart has had enough malicious exposure.
I've heard stories before from the lips of the other woman.
I think it's time I listen and finally learn something from them.

Malicious Exposure by Courtney

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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