Thug Love

by Corey T. Williams

Dark child
Mahogany Brown
Wicked beauty
Tortured song.
Tear strained eyes
Blood stained thighs
A nigga on the highs
Thug love
Foul surprise.
It's different 
From the video
The radio
Stage show
There's no love glow
Just elbow
To your torso
No remorse though.
From him
Mr. Grim
Chocolate slim
With toothy 
You follow kind
Darkness blind
Through rain
No shine
Just good behind.
From behind
He works that thang
You call his name
Thug name
Love name
Meat muscle
Urban hustle
He never says I love you.
Only grunts 
When he fucks
Or melts when he nuts
Or curses when you fight
That ain't right
You hold tight.
Afraid to move?
To lose your boo?
To drop this man
With darkened tan
And scattered plans.

Sometimes rapper
All-time smoker
Street block joker
That's seldom sober.
You love that huh?
Can't 'xplain that huh?
Golden teeth
Expensive ride
Keeps you clad 
In leather hides.
Let punches slide.
Off your face 
And back
It's just an act
You think
But can't sleep.
A deadly cycle
Your thug pit-bull
With lots of pull
Street credits
And dope bandits
Flaunting pockets
That seem endless.
I see this
Cause I know this
Black beauty 
I used to be this.
Iron fist 
Carnal plunger
For your hunger
That danger 
They warned you of
Dreamed of
This ainít Love.

Thug Love by Corey T. Williams

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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