Enter The Storm

by Corey T. Williams

I asked Lady MaGic
Will you lay with me?
As I play a song?
She said ok as I put on
Mark Anthony.
I fancied 
Her look of fulfillment
It says 
My man knows 
What heís working with.
Do it to me Rightly
But first rub me Mentally.
I was nervous
Like Black Elvis in Vegas
I felt misplaced
Until I tasted
HER lips.
She gripped me 
Eased me back to confidence
My conscience dipped
Me into romance 
I saved the last dance
And chance for HER.
I handed HER a glass of wine
Hands Intertwined 
While lips met at the lip
I dipped my tongue in first
Then tilted the content to HERS.
She drank from the glass.
I watched 
As wine escaped HER mouth
HER hand steadily
Reaching down south.
Unrobing me
She got on HER knees
And inhaled me.
I gasped for air
Grabbed HER hair
Made the face 
Of a man in despair
But I was in pleasure
Lady MaGicís way of loving.
I discovered through HER sucking
What my life had been missing
Or dismissing as fable.
Lady MaGic 
Laid HER soul on the table
Jaws and hands
Working in coordination
Displaying HER passion
For oral stimulation.
Had to stop HER
Before I exploded
And unleashed
A creamy shower
She told me she would devour.
My essence
Establishing HER presence
With such magnificence
I touched HER face
And swayed HER to the hall.
She said she was tall
As she smiled with gall
Iím going to take HER
Against this wall.
All she can do is take it
Trust that I wonít break it
But know that I will make it
Last longer
Than any other
Current or former
My distinction as a Lover
Puts me in another category
One reserved for exploratory
Of oratory ecstasy.
I warned HER she wasnít ready
For a tongue thatís a machete
Slicing through creases in HER teddy
Looking for that Berry.
I pushed HER earnestly
Back thudding the wall gently
She looked at me hornily
I got on my knees hungrily.
I massaged HER clit
Licked the labia
As HER breaths got heavier.
She moaned something garbled
I was busy feasting
Loving whom I was eating.
Too late for retreating
She unleashed what I was seeking
An orgasmic appetizer
Now I can lay HER justly.
She trusted me 
To fuel HER fire
Desire HER 
Like the queen she is
Bliss is a promise
When my attention is honest.
We floated to the bed
After giving HER head
My dick was throbbing
She recognized the hardening.
Started massaging down the length 
Gripping the width
While twisting HER hand
Lady MaGic knows how to work a man.
Still wet and pussy quivering
The Lady 
Eased on top whispering.
Youíve waited enough
To stuff your thickness
In my wetness
Youíre the witness.
Are you ready
To take me completely
Release from misery
And show me the glory
Of being here with you?
The Storm knew
When he blew into her mental
Those consequential actions
Would have to bring satisfaction.
As Lady MaGic
Lowered to meet his heat
She sighed as the meat
Entered HER fissure
From atop 
Lady MaGic loved the weather.
As the Storm knew she would..

Enter The Storm by Corey T. Williams

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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