Only At Night

by Corey T. Williams

At night
I think of her
Our past relations
Countless affections
I remember the progression
From strangers
To admirers
From admirers
To perspirers
From perspirers
To liars.
Her see-through attire
Purple Victoria
Across her bare
And the lotions
Seemingly hypnotic
Love potions
That's how she had me open
Head swollen
Heart unbroken
Sultry beauty token
Moaning words
Are softly spoken.
Sweet kisses
Hot and heavy
Deeply thorough
And always ready
Damn that purple Teddy
When she walked
It swayed so steady.
My love
My boo
My girl
My world
Straight lust
I learned the truth
Of pain and youth
The one's and two's
Of her I love you's.
To know her meaning
For who she loved
And who she's sleeping
Conscience gone
And truth is fleeing.
The lies she told
They burned like crosses
Brand like horses
Choke-like forces
Emotional recourses
Only show her intimately
Not friendly
Just nastily
Or passionately
But still
She is a part of me
That makes the total me.
These night time barrages
Visual sexual mirages
I swear I hear her calling
Between her legs
I'm often falling.
Behind her
While she's kneeling
Sometimes I'm often eating
Mostly I'm only beating
In that drowning
Searing ebony heat
Achieving ecstasy's feat
Many times as I repeat.
Sometimes I think I miss her
I even try to picture
Ms. Lady in my life
But for now
It's just at night.

Only At Night by Corey T. Williams

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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