Lois Layne

by Corey T. Williams

I look at you
And stare
To say hello.
For I hope
That you're aware
Of my wants
And inclinations
I want to take you
If only
I could talk to you.
Lovely smile
And style
The elegance
Of your stature
When you speak
It doesn't matter
What you say
Or how you say it
I absorb it
'Cause I love it.
I love to love you baby
Forever now
Forever lately.
You may never know it
Lest I attempt to ever show it
I do not aspire
To desire
Just simply admire
>From afar.
Fine dressings
Mental stares
You're aware
But do you care?
Do you long
To speak the words
I want to say
But can't make heard?
I'm feeling you
Digging you
Too humble to tell you
I grew into
I love you.
One day
I aim to say
"How nice,
You look today,
Do you have a second,
Or maybe a coupla' minutes?"
For conversation
And relations
About our situation.
You make me weak
When I think
To say what I want
To be blunt.
To show you affirmations
And discover inclinations
Never before imagined
Get you wrapped into my madness.
I'm Superman without the tights
Flying like kites
Or Gay Ass fights
I'm stronger
Last longer
Than any brother on the corner.
I'm a Master at word-play
And a Tiger in foreplay
I'm like that
I know you would dig that.
You're an enigma in my world
Lovely bird
That I can not word.
My Lois Layne
Whom I can not blame
For not approaching.

Lois Layne by Corey T. Williams

© Copyright, InDBlack Publishing, 1999. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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