Funny How...

by Corey T. Williams

I remember 
How it used to be
Her loving me
So tenderly.
She would ease me
Into fantasy
So pleasantly
Very delectable 
With edible 
Panties and teddies.
Sweet oils that would glisten
Her belly
While we christen
Every room in the residence
She was nice
That was evident.
I was loving her
But only slightly
Not as rightly
As I once had
Just barely 
Akin to a memory.
She wore beauty 
Like a boxer wears bruises
She swam my mind 
In mental cruises
It's funny how someone loses
Their appeal
After ordeals.
Ms. Amazin'
Hasty and crafty
Nice and nasty
I never knew 
That she mocked me.
With smiles so coy
And words so fruitful
So beautiful
I was youthful
And embellished it .
I lived to love her lies
Her reason whys
And one last tries
When making love 
Was to die
When we never said good-byes.
Nothing about us was innocent
Or magnificent
Or bizarre
I loved her for her
She loved for other reasons.
Like seasons
She was diverse
Like a curse 
To plague my heart
To make my finish 
Be my start
But still I treasured her nonstop.
She had her  winning ways
Sunny days
Heart bouquets of 
Fond displays.
That she would shower on occasion
During love making
Or for no reason.
It's funny how you remember
Little memories in December
When thin air and frost
Can make you lost
In such subtleties.
How would it be 
If I couldn't see 
The false imagery
Of the reality?
My auburn seductress
Ghetto princess
Of little conscience
Would sweeten my indulgence
To love her with my ignorance.
But not hardly..

Funny How... by Corey T. Williams

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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