To Slay a Dragon

by Corey T. Williams

The Storm climbs the mountain
Not looking for the fountain 
Of youth
But to bring Truth 
To the root 
Of Lady MaGicís peril.
Like a daredevil
In the pursuit of challenge
The Storm must face
And manage
A menace that does damage 
By hording her affection
Selecting at random
To love her intently. 
The Storm moves with persistence
Building up resistance 
To the intolerance and indifference
Lady MaGicís current enthusiast
Armed with the knowledge
And tutelage
Of life worn slayers
The Storm is prepared 
To cut the Dragon in layers.
Lady MaGic said a prayer
For her savior 
As she savored his fervor
And flavor for her
While exploring boundaries of wonder.
Why does This Man take her under?
Make her shake herself awake
If he should die
Her life 
The Lord should also take.
Make no mistake
The Storm can sense her yearning
That secret burning
For relief from purgatory.
A revolutionary Lover
The Storm has discovered
All her years of disappointment
Have left her afraid and disjointed.
As the newly anointed 
King of Romance
The Storm had to take the chance
And risk of life 
To fight this fight against the dragon.
He heard the bastard laughin
The sanity and vanity
Of the Lady
With whom The Storm has destiny.
Hell no 
The ending wonít be pretty
ĎCause The Storm donít enter lightly
Or gently.
But with a stealthy approach
And a thirst thatís unquenchable
Heís gonna hit that muífucka
With something unmentionable.
Lady MaGic asked The Storm
On the morn that he performed
And planned
The plot to kill the dragon.
What would you give ME
If this world were YOURS
Curled up in your hands
Like a present from Heaven?
The Storm spoke evenly 
With a smile he said gently
I would bring you peace
Of mind
Blind those that bind your spirit
Prohibit those who detain you
For you 
Thereís no end to what Iíd do.
On that day he slew the dragon
And severed him in layers
That night 
Lady MaGic and The Storm 
Said their prayers 

To Slay a Dragon by Corey T. Williams

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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