by Corey T. Williams

Imagine a hot shower
Vapor clouds up the mirror
Imagine you're naked
Waiting for me to
A fantasy of bliss
Passion hotter than steam
My aim is your scream
Conversing sweet things
How I want to taste you
In five different flavors
I walk you to the water
A wet massage is in order
Perhaps you know the feel
Of kisses when wet
The sensations you get
When expectations are met.
Ivory lather on your skin
Defines your cocoa form
You're far above the norm
Truly deserving what I
Gentle kisses on your neck
Firm fondling of your breast
Soul-stirring foreplay at it's crest
Confident love is manifest.
I turn you
I yearn you
My fires burn true
Ardently I kiss you
Look at you
I love you.
Feel the hotwater
Cascading your shoulders
Suddenly I feel bolder
To hold you much closer
Stare into your eyes
My hand separate your thighs
There's trembles in your sighs
Before you realize.
I'm tasting and eating
The wetness of your berry
The essence of your cherry
My tongue is like a ferry.
A lustful expedition
Without pause
My all is a given
A fissure for your cumin.

An antidote to prove
This heart why I pursued.
An inclination for the duration
Love thumping for your
Smooth sheets
A soft bed
Az Yet sings in the background
Melodious is the sound
In my world you are renown.
A magnetic jewel
And you pull
Conceptions of reverie
The delivery
Longevity is consistency.
Protection is a must
There's no need to discuss
The mismanagement of trust
My condoms will not bust.
I take you on your back
Arch your legs to waist
Easily I lay right
Your nipples feel my bite.
Every night
I dream
Of telling you these things
Magnificent the chance
When we reciprocate romance.
My entrance to your heat
I can not speak
In human words
I think of your expression
Deep hitting with my erection.
Riding your wetness
Navigating with skill
Precision injections
Releasing your will.
Liberating the tension
Built up apprehension
False premonitions
That blocked our intentions.
I make you die once
I make you die thrice
You tell me I'm nice
I Stroke you so precise.
With one last swell
I know you can tell
I'm close to the die
I hide my eye
Not 'cause I'm shy
But your love makes me high.
Your love makes me weak
I can no longer speak.
My sweaty affections
Has you soaked to perfection.
I feel you
I hear you
Every day I miss you
Every day I think of this
Every day I make love to you.

Daily by Corey T. Williams

© Copyright InDBlack Publishing, 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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