by Corey T. Williams

Love or Infatuation?
I'm amused at the fascination
Of hearts cascading
My images are fading.
I suppose this is due
To contradictions between the two
Bemusements of hue
Call her wife?
Call her boo?
Often mistaken
The differences are blurred
By the precarious use of the words.
Complicated by the use
Or abuse
Infrequent miscues
For giving I love you’s.

My distinction as a lover
Makes me no stranger to the former.
I have misused then corrected
Between the two words selected.
Love or Infatuation?
True destination?
Repel the temptation?
Or better your situation?
Of the power and the emotion
Stormy weathers of the ocean
Soothing calmness of lotion.

Do you love that heart?
From thought to start?
Two by two
Like Noah’s ark?
Or only at night time?
At bedtime?
Your sexual sign
At it's incline?
Time after time
These troubles you’ll find
When you commit the crime
Of deceiving the mind.
Speaking blindly
Lying badly
And sadly
Split personalities
Share different realities.
Dissimilar analogies
Offer unlike apologies
Variances are nuisances
Leaving too much to chance
Perplexing the dance
Of lifetime's romance.

I love you
I want you
Which one of these will haunt you?
Taunt you?
Flaunt you?
Discard you?
Hold you?
Wear you like a sweater
In the middle of winter?
Or leave you outside
No intentions to enter?
Love or infatuation?
In any classification
Leaves you a mission
To state your position.
Think wildly
Think mildly
Weigh the consequence
No convenience for ignorance
Pure love
Youths innocence.

Chameleon by Corey T. Williams

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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