Bohemian Rose

by Corey T. Williams

I suppose 
Lady Rose
Froze me in my tracks
Made me back up
My awkward steps of approaching.
Coaching me to handle her
Blurring my thoughts of reality 
I dream of wetting her petals
Not just settling for flurries of puddles
But cascading gushes 
Amidst her bushes.
Iím trying to push her to limits 
And be all up in it
Plant my seeds
Underneath the weeds and tweeds
Like Iím the source of her beauty.
Feeding her nourishment
Bewilderment by what I say to her
Making her insides fluttery
Her magenta creamy
Fiending for the meaty part of me.
Have me care take and upkeep
The sweetness of her fragrance
Lacy thorns of elegance
Providing needed distance
From predators
Or others that want closeness.
Trying to feed upon this homegrown
Token of Jahís creation
Taste the nectar of the finest libation
While giving little in return.
I ainít mad at this rose
Of no particular prose 
Or disposition
I only want to be in position
To hold posture during transition.
Opening her veins of life
To ripened tales of lust
And imagery
Providing a potent chemistry 
Mixed delicately 
Intimately I pick her apart
Prying for her heart
Starting to understand her essence
And origins
Where sheís been 
Has keened my interest
Like a ventriloquist
She can play me in earnest.
Iíll be her midnight puppet 
For display
As she lays and plays
With her berry
While blissfully moaning Corey.
I be that break of sunshine
That heats her spine
In her natural recline
Caressing like a dressing 
Of manifesting beauty
And security.
Helping lovely
Into something pretty
Or maybe 
Something simply.

Bohemian Rose by Corey T. Williams

© Copyright 2001, InDBlack Publishing. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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