Angel Winged (Aaliyah 79)

by Corey T. Williams

We try for lifetimes
To be the kind
Of person that lives an eternity
Long after the reality 
Of our bodies
Are faded in glory.
I believed her
When she said 
I was one in a million
Like a billion other fans
I wanted to be that one man
That planned to understand 
Her greatness.
Now I want to be her Pegasus
As she ascends to the plateau
Of spiritual achievement
Smiling down on us
Stunned in bereavement.
Do not cry for me
For I will eternally be
With each of you
Loving you through this music
Celebrate my life
And love each other right.
We respond by crying at night
Saying it's not right
How things gonna be alright?
When the Lord can take
Such a shining light
When he pleases
Leaving us to grieve?
Needing one another
Calling total strangers brother
Crying on each other
Wiping away tears like lovers.
Through the pain we discover
The greater good
And meaning
Behind this Angel's 
Untimely leaving.
I've been resisting the urges
To purge myself mentally
How her soul musically
Transmitted her image beautifully.
Everything about her was lovely
She wore urban royalty
With a quality and realness
That will keep her precious
In the hearts of her admirers.
I'd be a liar
If I told you 
I was immediately happy
Or glad she's in a better place
I continue to pace
Back and forth
Trying to find the worth
In bringing this angel down to earth
So suddenly
And abruptly.
I do feel lucky to have been blessed
Ordained with her presence
To know the lessons before dying
Hiding inside my crying.
Make me remember 
Age ain't nothin' but a number
Love can take you under
Or over
Any rule
For which you must be older
To understand
Or comprehend
God's plan.
At your best
You are love
Emblazoned across my mental
Like a long playing instrumental
Can't lead into my moods
Cause right now 
They are strewed in confusion.
I wish what I saw was in illusion
Make me wanna retreat to seclusion
Portray the allusion
That everything is moving
According to life's blueprint.
I felt I was meant
To tell the world
She loved us for loving her.
Blur our collective thoughts
Into one portrait of art
Making a single Heart
To stand out.
If my girl only knew
How I felt about you
She would probably dismiss
Or miss the beauty 
Of you songstress.
I care 4 u 
Not as my woman
But as a friend
You comprehended
What I needed sung
Your voice 
Helped the words belong.
You wanted me to 
Rock the boat
Throat the words I write secretly
Show the world passionately
I'm one of the best creatively.
I refuse
To lose my effort to make it known
That all though young
You'd shown 
What some try endlessly
To accomplish.
I'm sandwiched with emotions
Devotions and benedictions
On how you'll infinitely
Live in the minds of many.
A martyr 
Crossing racial borders
Sons and daughters
Languishing with each other
It's whatever
Trying to get over you Baby.
We need a resolution
Couldn't be more truer
Disbelieving mental torture
Is what we're feeling all over.
4 page letter
Wrtten for Aaliyah
And those close
I host and hoist my hands to heaven
When it rains 
I want your tears to fill them.
I want to bathe in your joy
Think death wasn't a ploy
Or plot
To break our hearts.
Read between the lines
And find my intentions
To be honorable
And overall 
She was 
More than a woman
From birth
First second on earth
An absolute being
An Angel winged.

Angel Winged (Aaliyah 79) by Corey T. Williams

© Copyright InDBlack Publishing, 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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