Real Women vs. Hood Rats

by C'Moore Productions

most black men find it easier to settle for a hood rat because...

he doesn't have to work to improve himself,
           he already feels like he's better than she is,
           so she should be grateful to have him.

he doesn't have to compromise his position
           she will simply do whatever he wants or be replaced
           hood rats are too easy to come by.

he doesn't have to worry about his sexual satisfaction;
           she knows exactly how to please him
           she has had plenty of past instructors.

he doesn't have to be concerned with whether his friends and family will
like her
           he just won't take her around or
           they'll be nice to her because they know that she's just

when he comes into contact with a real woman, he panics...

he worries that she is too nice
           "too good to be true"
           she has to be hiding something.

he worries that she has too much
           what does she need him for ?
           she did all of this by herself.

he worries that he will have to change his lifestyle
           quality time will replace booty calls
           hangin' with the fellas will become a scheduled event.

he worries that he has to prove himself worthy of her
           gotta get himself together first and come correct
           gotta become the best first because that's what she expects

While the hood rats are out kickin' it, foot loose and fancy free
Real women are sitting at home wondering when their next date will be.
While the hood rats are at the grocery store with their borrowed Vision
Real women are in college, into their careers, or on their jobs working
While the hood rats are figuring out how many "rat catchers" they can play
all at the same time.
Real women are hoping for just one man who is not trying to play with her

I wish I could get black men to know.
You can't make a housewife out of a ho'.
You can't turn fiction into fact.
A hood rat will always be just that.

I truly wish I could help black men to realize.
That having a real woman is worth the compromise.
A good woman is an achievement; a treasure untold.
An asset to your efforts; gratification for your soul.

Don't waste all of your time kickin' it with hood rats
Because someday all the real women will be gone.
And you'll wake up one day faced with two options:
Life with a rat or life all alone.

Real Women vs. Hood Rats by C'Moore Productions

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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