Courtney L. Clements

Courtney L. Clements resides in Danville, Virginia. Ms. Clements states "I have always enjoyed writing, and it's become my own personal respite, allowing me to move away from what is the often times mundane attitude of the world. My writing includes my poetry most usually. There are a couple of short-stories that I am working on as well. My imagination, I feel, is a gift from God, and my writing allows me to hone that gift that into something tangible so that I, and others, if they choose, can enjoy it for years to come."

You can contact Ms. Clements via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Courtney L. Clements


Melanin in Abundance (#BlackOutDay2015)
The Show

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