September 11,2001

by CL Crouch

I find myself trapped in this temporary state of denial, still not wanting to fully accept what is before my eyes via the media bliss.That is probably the reason I have yet to cry...I try..but my eye remains...dry. I try to free my mind but these heinous images of suicidal planes crashing, people dashing for their lives dives into my subconscious and dwells therein day and night, noon and evening, deceiving myself into thinking that this was all just another cruel act of terrorism...but I know it goes deeper than that...much deeper than that. I backtrack to September the eleventh, two thousand and one, an all too present around 8:43 A.M., mayhem erupted and America's innocence was instantly stripped, whipped and beaten like present day slaves in Sudan...The hand of God seemed to have lifted from this land...for a moment. Collapsing buildings led to collapsing hearts that have been broken at the sight of monumental structures becoming mountains of debris and steel graveyards and yards and yards of ash, dust and the stench of evil that permeates the inner sanctums of many is leaving Americans...shaking. I am waking up at 2 and 3 in the morning wondering and pondering what value does life hold in the eyes of these partakers of massacres and mass killings...but the most chilling fact is could have been me... or you. H ow many were actually slaughtered, nobody knows...while the clothes of my soul still give off the odor of smoke...thus I choke (cough)...because temporarily my freedom was...strangled. The staggering death toll is left undisclosed yet I chose to wonder in the midst of all the many slain knew Christ in the free pardon? Un-harden these cold hearts oh God..let them see thst this was not an act of You. True, I know of God's wrath...the math of how it all adds up to the prophetic equation of end time events biblically. Realistically, how this may point to the apocalyptic age...and how it was all in overseas countries they secretly have hostages slaved and encaged and how the majority of Americans are ENRAGED AND READY TO RETALIATE...but WAIT!!!! Meditate, re-evaluate this whole scenario. See, they are saying it is all the strategy of Osama bin Laden, but have we forgotten? It has been satan...waiting...contemplating...marinating the minds of evil men for the assasinating of innocent citizens and I'm still cringing when..I hear this date. Fate can come quicker than we expect it, not even prepared to accept but death is indiscreet thus I cheat grace. In the midst of all the news coverage blazing, isn't it amazing how quickly Americans are turning back to God? Can't you see it? The sa nctuaries are no longer mostly for dignitaries...while the stockbroker is embracing the dope feen and the crackhead and heads of state are wiping each others appears...that all things are working together for the good. These radical race groups like the Black Panthers and the Ku Klux Klan now stand hand in hand as one man, while democrats and republicans are hugging in perfect synchronization, I see as a nation united for one common cause. My applause is given to the heroic firefighters...while e very soul left unaccounted for at ground zero is an unsung hero. Police chiefs barely holding back tears at news briefs because this universal grief is all too real. I must deal with this tradegy and realize that my race no longer plays a factor because I am too busy maintaining the stability of my emotional. Social status is now a blind reality because the fallacies of living in a peaceful world have Young black men thugged out in Timberlands and saggy jeans are weeping on the shoulders of older white grandmothers who finally look past these material things with no stereotypical fears because the tears...America is crying...are all the same race. A nation that has partly lost faith in the government, while mens hearts are failing them for fear. Can't you hear it with your spiritual ear? Can't you see it with your third eye. I claim not to be a psychic...but I can humbly prophecy. All pastors, bishops, mayors, city officials, governors world warned because people are coming. They are coming in droves...and they won't be dressed in three piece suits and ankle length skirts, carying laptops and briefcases; just a bunch of hurting and lost people adorned in plain clothes. They are searching for an answer because this cancer we call terrorism is eating away at their thoughts of a peaceful and serene life. I see many husbands sitting at the threshold of suicide because they instantly lost their wife. May unfortunate women forced to head single parent homes because cockpits nationwide were ov ertaken by demonically possessed men. Thes sins have a hurting people migrating from the north, south, west and the east for fear of this beast we call...terrorism. I pray for courage, yet in the recesses of my mind I am crying out for the annihilation of this fear. With a nervous stomach I find myself panting...yet with a spirit of boldness I can faintly hear America chanting, while walking through these valleys of the shadow of death..."WE SHALL FEAR NO EVIL!" "WE SHALL FEAR NO EVIL!" "WE SHALL FEAR NO EVIL!" Hear these petitions, dear Jesus...heal the hearts and minds of these your people. September 11, unfolding mystery in United States history. So let us pray today, "God embrace the USA."

September 11,2001 by CL Crouch

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