Shadows Of A Darkened Room

by Christa A Smith

When I was just a child you took my childhood away
In the shadows of a darkened room you stole my respect
You called my name disrespectfully pulling me to my knees
I was just a child and you wanted me to touch you sexually
You said you loved me an wanted to show me just how much
Taking my hands into yours I thought you were going to comfort me
Then I felt the flesh of your sexuality and my world became dark
I lost my childhood as you made me stroke your thickness 
My hands frozen not understanding how you could do this to me
Shaking wanting to cry but the spirit of my soul became barren
Lost and confused a distant voice shattered the moment and I ran
Like lighting my little feet never touch the ground until I felt safer
Not realizing I'd never feel safe with anyone sying they loved me again
You took my childhood then you sat across the dinner table smiling
Why didn't somebody anybody know the shame on my little face
Why couldn't they hear my soul crying in silence full of fear and doubts
No one noticed my dodging your every step towards my path
Every conversation became a whisper laughing but how would they know
How many children did you corner in the shadows of that darkened room
What shame did you bring down before your slow death open the earth
Does God want you to feel the pain we felt over the years unable to speak 
Your deat didn't end the shameful pain left wondering was I to blame
I am a grown woman not with nightmares still seeking to answer the question
How could you take my childhood in shadows of a darkened room

Shadows Of A Darkened Room by Christa A Smith

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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