Who Am I

by Cheril

I am the epitome of VIP
When I speak, the world trembles
And dare not comment
Unless I command
I am transparent rays of beauty
And everyone knows of me
They hear me talk
And watch me walk
And see me bring light to dark
I am the reason things happen
Both men and women are in my dabt
For I have gently swept
Their existence into a land of dignity
For simply being in my mist
I, was born and raised on cloud nine
Recieving blissful blessing
I am Queen of The Day, and Night, and The Nile
My words flow through the unconscience veins of the
Quenching the thirsty minds and eyes of many
Height and hair short, sweet, and neat, every strand
in place
No space for mistakes
Almond-colored skin tone
My physique's contour encloses a wealth of natural
Enchanting drk brown eyes
Captivating, elating, detonating
That I am
I ignite ears and souls
With a voice that unfolds any feelings
That may have been in hiding
Perfectly round breasts that appeal like two full
On a dehydrating quest
Replenishing, after a journey with the tennis ball in
the sky
I am a work of art
Loveliness dwells both in and outside of me
A heart as kind an dgentle as is the laugh of an
Bowing, kneeling, praying, submitting
Giving my external devotion to the almighty
Higher power in the heavens
Appreciatin the time taken to create an
Individual such as I.
I, am laced with a lush loving vibrant character, and
sense of humor
It tickles me to hear the murmurs and coments
Of those that deface and try to derail me
I have been blessed to possess or should I say belong
To an adoring family
My education is moving proggressively
My financial state is not a problem
So why should I care
Why should I let little things, statements, and little
people upset me
I, am what and where I want to be
So please, stepaside and let me be me
I dance to the rhytm of heartbeat
And thank God for having one
I am a small yet magnificent tower of loveliness
I am a divine diva of graceful stature
I am the daughter of mother nature.
I, must depart and end this literature
But if you would like to know more about Who I Am
I can arrange for an engagement later.

Who Am I by Cheril

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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