by Cheril

The infinate responsibility
Or at least until death do they part
From the start it's hard, work
Trying to keep it together so it won't fall apart
Giving every inch, part, and love in their heart
To the being brought into the world
Boy or girl who knows who cares
It's a time of test, to rear what one has been blessed
to posses
With knowledge of self, values, and respect
Instilling in them that they are in no way like anyone
But indeed unique,
It's a wonderful feeling,
As if one were to touch life's ceiling
Raising a family that is,
Not saying in anyway that it's easy
Making through with hard times occuring grom time to
Through the storm
The harsh reality of the norm
Sleepless nights, psychological fights
Internal and external strifes
At home, outside, and at large, society
Both adults have to be secure, handling this life long
While still respecting and loving each other
So that 'mommy and daddy' doesn't just become 'mommy'
A single mother,trying her best to handle this
unexpected situation
While taking the blame for the nation's moral
It's juvenile delinquints,and being another one of
it's welfare recipients
Not meaning to digress but that is what most people
And with no problem acquiesce
Going half on the American Dream
Where both parents are breadwinners physically and
Feeding their children mind and soul Sunday dinners
Make believing every day is Sunday.
Parents spreading their protective wings
Above the heads of their offsprings
While teaching them about the fallacy of reality
And how to stand up for themselves and fight for their
From the crack of dawn to the ceil of night
Understanding their own plight and position inlife,
Tokeep it rotating, giving, taking, and navigating
Staying away from present-day camoflouged Babylon
Controling their own destiny
So when old and gray, near the close of their day two
individuals can proudly say
That's my baby, a success
I am truly blessed with one of life's greatests joys

Parenthood by Cheril

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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