Glassy Waters

by Chelebey

Looking out the window through the tears of rain 
Observing this world through my hearts suffering pain

The cold water rushing through my brain
 The lost emotion of never being loved again

The clouded smoke that manipulates my mind 
Wondering how I let love destroy me yet another time.

The letters of confusion adjacent to my soul
Silent whispers and cries of my life which shall go unknown

Transparent image in a broken vessel covered so the world canít see
The woes and agony of my life, the people I love the most are the ones that damaged me

Eyes of stone sheer love tore apart
I have to sit alone and marvel about life as I cry in the dark

Brown ebony skin of a love so deep
Seventy two hours have passed at yet still no sleep

The current tide has just washed my essence away
Prospects of pain will taunt me throughout this day

Reflections of my past through the water of my grief
Glassy trauma of an obvious dignitary who shall never believe

Cold water nights pass as my life lies against the window frame
In suspense if someone will notice the glassy waters and call out my name

I sit and linger for someone to come and set me free
Everyone too busy with their own life to really care about me

Glassy waters decants from a soul that hurts
I wonder if anyone will acknowledge my pain before I return to the dirt.

Glassy Waters by Chelebey

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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