A Moment of Vanity

by Charles Fox

I can speak with extreme clarity
In monotone or with profound exuberance 
I can move mountains with words
Using given moniker or a pseudonym 

I can talk to God
Without being God-fearing
I can dominate a conversation
Without being domineering 

I am the light reflected off the broken piece of glass
The passion, the pride
A true personification of class

I can make you both love and hate me
Simply with the words I speak
I am the rhyme behind the reason
I am everything you seek

My prose can seduce you
Lull you into a sweet sense of security
Or I can enrage your spirit with terminology
I am the deviant thread, in a web of purity

My devotion is unquestioned 
My methods refined 
Women want me; honest men want to be me
I am fine beyond words…

Touch me and shiver 
Bask in my aura of sensuality 
I define handsome
I’m the definition of what you know you want in a man

The way I bulge through my slacks
Makes you want to rip off my threads
You stare at me and wonder
How would I feel between your legs…

I drive you past the point of sanity 
You yearn for more
Wait, what am I saying?
Oh well, everyone gets at least one moment of vanity…..

A Moment of Vanity by Charles Fox

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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