Time Travelin

by Charles Fox Jr.

I wish I could go back in time
perhaps conversate with Abe Lincoln
wish I could talk to O.J.
and ask him what he was thinking
Maybe catch up with Rasputin
see what he was drinkin
wish I could go back
and destroy all slave ships
before they reached Africa's ports
wish I could reverse any wrong descisions
made in judicial courts
wish I could go and hang with John Cochran
vote for Jesse Jackson 
blow up the car they shot Pac in
with I could put a condom in between Hitler's parents
right before they had that quickie
then head to L.A. 
and save my man Biggie
wish I could go back
and slit the throat of Osama
and by doing this
we avoid this Trade Center Drama
wish I could go back
and stop the bullets that killed Malcolm
then cease the death of Mr. King
then take away the idea 
that "Color Me Bad" could sing
man, I wish I could halt the riots in Cali
stop the Rodney King beating
wish I could save small children
from their parents mistreating
Keep JFK's heart beating
shoot Colin Fergueson
before his victims started bleeding
wish I could save Bobby Phills
switch to brand name
instead of no-frills
pay all un-paid bills
bless wack MC's with mic-skills
wish I could date Diana Ross
right in the middle of her prime
this is what I'd do 
if I was travelin through time
wish I could save all babies 
that choke on the umbilical
I would reach into the womb and un-coil it
maybe even save Elvis
from dying on the toilet
take the confederate flag 
and soil it
I would go and sit next to Miss Parks
I'd become Horace Grant
and block John Starks 
wish I could erase all suffering
and wipe out all oppression
instead of hatred
I'd make love this world's obsession
I would give the Indians Guns
plus lace them with armor
then I'd shoot down those planes
headed for Pearl Harbor
Then I'd stop Karl Marx 
from saying what he had to say
then I'd save Aahliyah from perishing
on that late summer day
perhaps I'd advise Magic to strap one on
maybe I'd tell the KKK to get gone
If I could travel through the ages
I'd save Kurt Cobain
cause ever since he died
white boys aint been the same
It's just a little time travel
ain't gon hurt nobody right?
wish I could end poverty
all in a single night
wish I could go back and hear Socrates' philosophy
wish I could burn Florida's ballots
and end Bush's hypocrisy
wish I could fight for democracy
and hear the Gettysburg Address
wish I could watch as a native boy
dons his first head dress
but I must regress
this is all fiction
but if I could time travel
the world would be my jurisdiction
I would right all the wrong
do it all in a night
then listen to a bird's song
If I could, I would
If you can, you should
let your mind start un-ravelin
then you might experience
the joys of time travelin.

Think outside the Box!!!!!!

Time Travelin by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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