Sista, Can I Holler At You?

by Charles Fox Jr.

Sista, can I holler at you?
Standing there in this light
Golden brown skin, Eyes like an Egyptian queen of the past.
Can I holler at you?
If only for a moment, I could lose myself in your beauty, 
get lost in your eyes,
Sista, please hear my cries
you see, I have a jones for black women
and well, you fit the mold
I'm not trying to get in your pants
it's just that, like Al Green
Girl, I'm tired of being alone
I can see us together, you the queen to my king
the yin to my yang, the etiquette to my slang
Picture me and you becoming one, 
exploring all that this life has to offer, 
I hate to sound trite, 
but girl I got it bad for you
although some brothers wouldn't admit this
I have no complications in stating that I want,
no, need a strong nubian princess to complete me
to be the object of my affection, 
the one whom I would meet my maker for, 
the one that has the ability to allow my mind to roam free
Now it aint even physical, 
because girl I don't give a damn 
if I ever get between your thighs
just let me take you to paradise, 
get lost with me
laugh with me 
cry with me
imagine with me
imagine us together
Would that be okay?
sista, there's no rush
please take your time
I aint going nowhere
just remember my first question:
Sista, can I holler at you?

Sista, Can I Holler At You? by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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