Rapid-Eye Romance

by Charles Fox Jr.

As soon as I saw her she captivated my soul
to learn just her name
became my one and only goal
she was draped in garments that resembled a queen
plus she had a set of eyes on her
know what I mean?
though she lacked a "ghetto booty"
looking fine was her duty
she moved with such grace
in the gridlock of city streets
trudging through the masses
as smoothly as satin sheets
her beauty was neither extravagant
nor was it overly done
without the aide of make-up
her face glistened in the sun
I had to learn her name
perhaps even get her number
I knew if I didn't
for the rest of the day I would wonder
who was this angel
gently converging with mere mortals?
or was she from another planet
dipping in and out of space portals
Her radiance was beyond belief
she must have cause many brothers some grief
damn, what a relief
her vibe is not intimidating one bit
now she's opend up to me
this is going to be some shit
I hit her with some charm
she took a hold of my arm
but we were interupted
by the sound of my alarm
Ring, ring!
damn, it's 6:00 already?
seems like I just layed down
this beautiful creature
has vanished without a sound
I guess it's cool
we'll meet again
I want to see her so bad
I will go to sleep at ten.

Rapid-Eye Romance by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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