The Proposal

by Charles Fox Jr.

Will you be my wife?
Stay with me for the rest of my life
Obliterate all my strife
Comfort me in my times of need
You being the woman
that will carry my seed
Listen to me
Please take heed
Understand my position in this world
of hate, envy, and greed
Become my spouse
Enter this union
You, me
No "I"
Just "we"
Equal in the eyes of the beholder
Loving each other 
As we slowly get older
The possibilities are endless
but my desire is relentless
Passion is exemplified in your eyes
Your face
the personification of affection
Please excuse me
I know you sensed my direction
please don't be offended
You see, for so long I've pretended
acted as if I didn't notice you
or even acknowledge your presence
but now, I shiver
at the thought of your very essence
I'm not talking about the magazine
shit, I'm already lubricated like valvoline
You see, how I've strayed off course
Forgotten the whole point
upon your body
My love I will appoint
Just give me a chance
I've been sprung since the first glance
Forgive my aprehension
I'm just vervous like hyper-tension
Shaky, like a new invention
But back to my first question
I'll ask it once more
One goal, one love, one life
Sister, will you be my wife?

The Proposal by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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