My Poetry Freak (You Know Who You Are)

by Charles Fox Jr.

It seems as though my words have penetrated you 
Far deeper than I ever physically could
But donít get me wrong,
Iíd be delighted to explore you
In secrecy, I adore you
Skin as smooth and elegant as a thousand carnations
Mixed with the enigma of one solitary rose
I become lost in a false reality of love poetry and prose
This pen has neither the ink nor the stamina 
To express this in the ideal way
ďWords and sounds volume oneĒ spins in the background
I feel high
I wonder if Iíll ever come back down?
Intoxicated, sedated, and elated
My poetry freak? 
I chuckle at that notion
Perhaps Iím the freak,
Because Iíd love to taste your ďpotionĒ
My thoughts erode to the point my pride is broken
Is this what becomes of a love unspoken?
Youíve exposed me to so many things
Youíve led me through ďFertile GroundĒ
Taught me to move without sound
So Iím asking you,
In fact, Iím begging with you, pleading with you
Teach me what I donít know
Lead me where I wonít go
I get frustrated when you donít speak your mind
Such a striking uniqueness 
You must be one of a kind
I must admit, I owe a dept of gratitude to my boy Harris
Sometimes I imagine us engaged in a kiss
Laying in a bed of roses in Paris
My poetry freak,
You have me hesitant to speak
In fear that my words would somehow degrade you
Erase thoughts of the man that played you
My mission is simply to praise you
Damn, this is so different
All my problems and stress subside in our insightful conversation
To the point nothing real even matters to me
All I hear is an incessant love song
As you romanticize my soul
My pain becomes black like coal
All my problems are forgotten
I donít ever wonder when Iím with you
Wherever youíre at,
Iím down to come get you,
The way those jeans fit you
Hell, that has to be criminal 
See, all Iím doing is expressing feelings
That I tried to keep subliminal
Youíre smile is killing me softly 
And your stare arouses more than my curiosity 
Youíre absence is an atrocity 
Images of you run through my head with velocity
And youíre supposed to be the freak?
Shit, I think I might have to usurp that title 
Cause lately,
My tongue between your thighs seems vital
I hope I didnít come off too blunt
But you know Iím not one to front
Damn, tell me what you want
Your wish would be my command
Try to think of this as I supply, you demand
Youíve already given me so much
But Iím sure you donít even know it
Iím digging you in the purest way
Though at times I donít even show it
Well, now you know it
I hate to sound complacent
I simply love it when you stand adjacent
Our eyes meet, itís like magic
But when youíre gone, itís tragic
I hope Iím not over your head,
Because youíre that sista Bilal sang about
Youíre that woman Maxwell serenaded on ďUrban Hang SuiteĒ
This is truly whenever, wherever, whatever
True attraction canít be restrained 
Because of you,
Misogyny in my heart has abstained
I think Iíve found everything which I seek
The future no longer seems bleak
My soul trembles, I feel my knees getting weak, 
Just at the sheer thought, 
Of my ďpoetry freak.Ē

My Poetry Freak (You Know Who You Are) by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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