Phenomenal Man (An Answer to Miss Angelou)

by Charles Fox

Handsome Men wonder where my secret dwells
Iím donít resemble Boris, Shemar, or Mr. Chestnut anyone can tell
But when I start to tell them, 
They think Iím jiving
I say
Itís in the depth of my voice
The conviction of my speech
The pep in my step
The length of my reach
I am a man
Phenomenal Man
Thatís me.

I walk into a crowd
Just as tranquil as can be
I donít have to call attention to myself through gestures 
All eyes are on me
Women wonder about my quiet demeanor and what lurks below the surface
I move with extreme confidence and determination, 
I am a King with a purpose
The inferno of emotion, boiling right beneath the exterior 
I donít brag, boast, or bother
To trivial things, I am superior
I am a man, an African Monarch
Iím proud of my full lips and the texture of my mane
I am the personification of perseverance 
Strong and unwavering
Complex yet difficult while still simple and plain
Iím a man
Phenomenal Man
Thatís me.

Some women wonder what attracts them to me
When they look at my face
Gorgeous is not what they see
What they observe is confidence and thatís all I can be
It is the obscurity of my soul
The charm of my heart
My individuality
My willingness to be myself
That makes women pick me up
And leave the ďflashy replicaĒ on the shelf
Phenomenal man

I donít have to talk too loud
Or self promote
When I get the best of you, there is no need for me to gloat
The complexion of my skin, the freckles on my face
The grip of my warmth
The sincerity of my faith
Itís the genuine nature of my passion
The stride of my feet
That frustrates the insecure
And makes my life complete
Iím a man
Phenomenal Man
Thatís me.

Phenomenal Man (An Answer to Miss Angelou) by Charles Fox

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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