Niggers vs. Niggas

by Charles Fox

Niggers wear tattered clothes; eat rotten food, shuck and jive
Niggas keep it real, hustle, and struggle to stay alive
Niggers glide, slide, and scamper at the sight of Jim Crow
Niggas say what’s good, what’s poppin, and words like YO!
Niggers hate themselves, long for blue eyes, and straight hair
Niggas hate each other, long for blue beamers, and fresh gear
Niggers shoveled snow from can’t see till can’t see
Niggas push “snow” on the block from sun-up to sun-down
Niggers cooned watermelons from the porch of the Massa
Niggas represent the pugnacious sentiment of our troubled history
Niggers died on slave ships, their identities a mystery.
We’ve been jungle bunnies, porch monkeys, black sambos, sapphires, and now niggas
Niggas who wear our pants down to our ankles, gold fronts, gaudy chains and medallions
Fancy sneakers, t-shirts bearing the likeness of a celluloid Cuban immigrant cocaine dealer
Niggas who call our queens bitches and ho’s
Niggas who throw up gang signs, cash checks at the liquor store, and smoke weed
Niggas who would rather go to the club than to college
Niggas who see the court system more than they see their own children
Niggas who disrespect the legacy of our foremothers and forefathers
Niggers who became Niggas seemingly overnight
Niggas who are totally ignorant to the history of our plight
Niggers vs. Niggas
Niggers who still fear revolution
Niggers who think their lone fear is God
It all seems a bit odd
If keeping it real means keeping it really ignorant
Then I hope I am the most counterfeit human being on earth
Niggas walk around quoting Malcolm but are blind to the true message of the man
Niggers run from Malcolm because he “stirred up too much trouble”
Niggers and Niggas alike hate what I am saying
Because it indicts their very essence of their being
However, essence is what we lack, by the evidence I’ve been seeing
Some may be offended by my flagrant use of the word Nigger
However, “Nigga” is ok
Since when did a derogatory racial epitaph become cool for white folk to say?
We’ve been niggers in their eyes and now we are Niggas
Should we be proud?
Should we applaud our progress?   
Or should we loathe our regression?
I don’t have the answer to these questions
All I have uncovered are more questions
What I do know is this; I will no longer be a verbal whore
Now I am a Man
I am a Nigger no more.

Niggers vs. Niggas by Charles Fox

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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