My Sister, My Queen

by Charles Fox Jr.

Itís evident that my heart is now in your possession 
Just the mere thought of you
Has become an obsession 
So please forgive my aggression
You seem to have the key to my soul
Only you can ignite my inner flame 
Pardon if all this sounds a little lame
You see
Iíve never been one to just give my time away
But seeing you is something
That I desire every single day
What more can I say?
Words only get in the way
In reality, although I speak
I donít know what to say
So this remains unspoken
Like words without sounds
Nonverbally, I share with you
My heartís inner passion
Meanwhile hoping 
That what we have is everlasting
These words which I relate to you
Only seem to cloud the issue
When you cry, I cry
And I become your tissue
Always there in your time of need
Whenever you need me
I appear with great speed
Sister, please take heed
Understand what Iím saying
All jokes aside
For once, Iím not playing
This message 
To you, Iím relaying
Directly from my heart
Concocted by my brain
To just let this pass
Would be simply insane
Imagine the possibilities
You and I 
Exploring the depths of tranquility 
Unified if only for a second
If only for a mere moment 
Thank god that you are none of my kin
Radiance in itís purest form
With gorgeous caramel skin
I became fascinated by your disposition
For you
I would conquer any opposition
Just for the chance to be in your presence 
In my humble opinion 
You are the very essence
The essence of everything that I believe is pure
A certified angel
With her very own allure
For sure
No false premonitions involved
I guess my problem was lack of companionship
Well, Problem solved
Almost as if you were sent to me
To make my life complete
No doubt about it
In comparison
No other can compete
Why would I even think of going astray?
Iíve tried to explain it
What more can I say?
This is so much more
Much more than physical attraction
More than any title you place upon it
Giving what we have a moniker 
Is insulting to you and I
No title you give it
Does it any justice
So to you
I intrust just this
Call it what you want
Whatever your heart desires 
My fire for you will still burn 
Like a thousand lit fires
All engulfed in flames at once
Never to be quenched 
Burning for all eternity 
Or as long as you want them to
Simply put
Black Woman,
I love you.

My Sister, My Queen by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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