Love (Never Apologizes)

by Charles Fox

What is love?  
Love is never having to say youíre sorry
But of course you say it anyway
Love is the feeling that comes over you when you wake up to sunshine and a blue sky
Love is the feeling of anxiousness you receive 
When your hands are placed upon her thigh
Love is heartbreak and heartache 
Wrapped up in a veil of frustration
Bickering and fussing
Good old fashioned aggravation
Love is serenity 
Becoming lost in another human being
Losing your very identity
Love is passion
Deep moments of intimate thrills
Love is the feeling of warmth inside your heart
Surrounded by passive chills
Love is believing in fate
But recognizing the fallacy of destiny 
Love heals wounds
While at the same time tearing you apart
Love is the sense of longing 
Whenever you depart
Love makes me want to get up and change my residence 
Simply pack up my things and split
Love can uplift your spirit and brighten your smile
But love can also make you feel like you ainít shit 
Love takes you on a journey of emotional audacity 
Those who donít believe in love
Merely lack the capacity 
Love hates hate
And hate hates love
If my heart had a choice
Iíd choose none of the above
Love is never having to say youíre sorry
But of course you say it anyway
Love is fragrant 
Like roses in the spring
Love can make you hum a tune
Even if you know you canít sing
Love can make you do some crazy things
You fall victim to its insistence 
You cower under the pressure of love
You offer no resistance
Indeed, love never says sorry
Love can make a simple man like me
Feel as if heís poetic.

Love (Never Apologizes) by Charles Fox

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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