I Tried

by Charles Fox Jr.

I sat down and tried to write a poem today
but what to write about?
this lingering situation left me with some doubt
I tried to write a poem about current events
but that doesn't seem too smart
cause the world seems fucked up
and I wouldn't know where to start
I tried to write a poem dedicated to the beauty of the sky
so I glanced up towards it
but praising the sky isn't free
and I simply can't afford it
I attempted to pen something to increase my own vanity
but I failed when my heart yelled: "stop the insanity"
I tried to write a dedication
but that's difficult when most of my heroes are dead or on medication
so with extreme hesitation,
I tried to scribe something about the girl that I love
then maybe my pen's motion would persist
but damn I forgot, she doesn't even exist
I tried to praise women
but only if it is reciprocated 
too many pages in my book I've allocated
so with all respect, I think it's their turn
if I try to write about equality
I notice that we are not yet equal
it's like civil rights was a movie 
and 2002 is the sequel
believe me, I've tried to write these things
but my mind is conjested
the battle between my heart and soul
is highly contested
I tried to preach love rather than hate
but I read the newspaper daily
and things aren't so great
I tried to use metaphors and similies
but the vessel is battered
I tried relentlessly to write something nourishing for the soul
but I continue to to walk aimlessly
like a race without a goal
I tried to be positive and not sound too morbid
but right now, life seems pathetic
guess this just isn't the right time 
for me to be poetic.

I Tried by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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