Poetic Intercourse

by Charles Fox

Lyrically she and I just seemed to hit it off
Verbally, we connected without the use of sound
Like speech without dialouge
Like phrases without sentences
we did our time together 
like consecutive life sentences
Forgive my aprehension
The sista seemed to elevate my tension
left my soul in suspension
she was the personification of Black Pride
The parallel of an angel
As I spoke, she finished my sentences
I began her phrases
we dipped in and out
back and forth
side to side
as she yearned for my poetical pleasure
she let loose a scream 
that of which the richter scale couldn't measure
I could tell she sensed my direction
plus I knew she felt this poetical erection
forgive my aggression
but she had me fully aroused
with her metaphors and similies
she awoke my poetic passion
she drowned me in her lyrical discharges
and I sipped them all up
straight out the bottle
no need for a cup
as she shivered 
when I delivered
my poetic climax
I left her yearning for more
I knew she wanted
a poetic encore
Our words bounced up and down
without ever touching the ground
silently but steadily
we moved without sound
I grab her words
as she grasps for mine
as I penetrate her vocab
I send shivers down her spine
Poetically, we share our deepest and innermost thoughts
we lose all inhibitions
we speak candidly 
about our values and traditions
she electrified my soul
I was the yin to her yang
we seized the opportunity
to do our respective thang
she left me exhausted
I left her satisfied and content
much like a sinner in church
she was begging to repent
I prayed for the chance to rendevous once more
to obtain pleasure directly from the source
just for one more taste
of poetic intercourse.

Poetic Intercourse by Charles Fox

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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