From the Depths of my Soul

by Charles Fox Jr.

I believe in the sanctity of soul
The tenacity of spirit
The wherewithal of compassion
The sweet scent of karma re-imagined
The prowess of those who seek to rectify what ails us all
I believe, from the depths of my soul that freedom is not free 
That we can not hear
What we can not see
Cannot fear 
What we can not be
My heart aches for those still bound by the limits of imagination
Marching to the beat of that incessant drum
Boom, bang, boom!
Steady as it slurps the life out of the lifeless
I believe in condescending morality 
The power of good, triumphant
The ability to look at ourselves 
And recognize we are lost
Lost in the wilderness of well spoken lies, half truths, and political correctness
I believe in the sagacity of disparity
The vagueness of validation
The structure of solidarity 
The responsiveness of obligation
Obligatory orators
And false prophets speaking to the masses
Clergy instilling fear
Followers scrambling to save their asses
I believe in the power of lust to corrupt the incorruptible 
To encourage the incorrigible 
From the depths of my soul I believe in relating to the unrelatable 
Debating the undebateable 
Lies, critical thinking for a spiritual awakening 
Quenching the eternal thirst 
Supersaturating my mind
From the depths of my heart, my soul, and my spirit
I believe, in my most poignant estimation 
The power of the journey 
To reach my destination. 

From the Depths of my Soul by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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