Covert Companionship

by Charles Fox Jr.

In reality, my premonition told me girls like you no longer exist
With an aura like yours, my admiration will excessively persist
How could I resist?
In my time of need, only you could assist
Upon first glance you captivated my soul
Just to enter into your circle became my solitary goal
To connect with you on a deeper plane than mere companionship
That might indeed be a unique blessing
But frankly speaking, I admire you for what you are
Perhaps even for what you are not
Nothing would change my opinion of you
And forgetting about you would be a long shot
How could I forget the personification
of everything I believe is pure
Style, grace, and elegance
With a hint of mystical allure
Your individuality strikes me as one of a kind
So our friendship is exclusive solely to us
Built with mutual respect, admiration,
and laced with a deep rooted trust
Words really fail to fully express how much I adore you
I ask you only one favor, never change
I implore you
Watching you mature into a beautiful woman
has and will always be a wonderful treat
No wonder why I administered the name “sweet”
In my humble opinion
Not even sugar can compete
Are you integrity in human form?
Perhaps you are kin to the sun
Because you always seem to illuminate my spirit
Increasingly I’m infatuated with your vibe
So I shiver when I’m near it
I still remember our first meeting
Walking into sequential II
A pretty smile was your greeting
Mine was the traditional head nod
As I was likened to do
But little did I know
How much I would come to dig you
Truthfully, no poem could ever convey
how much your friendship means in my heart
And if I tried to sit and tell you about it
Where would I even start?
I could tell you that I can’t wait until
you fulfill your most passionate lifelong dreams 
But that you already know
Maybe I could tell you that I have a “crush” on you
But let’s keep that on the low
Or could I tell you that you’re a beautiful person
Inside and out
But you must know these things
This I cannot doubt
Blatantly put, you’re a queen incognito 
With no trace of impurity
Don’t ever change   
Promise me that security 
Keep doing your thing, continue to approach the spectacular 
And please never usurp that sweet feminine vernacular 
Laced with a hint of slang etiquette 
Leaving me dumbfounded, 
Searching for a noun and predicate
Be Aixa
Because that is what you do best
But never forget,
You are truly blessed
As am I to be privileged to know you
And if you really don’t believe me
Then I guess I will have to show you.

Covert Companionship by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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