Chicken Soup For My Soul

by Charles Fox Jr.

Sometimes in my slumber I dream to fly away
I say, I long to taste the waters of Ghana
Bask in the Eritrean Sunlight
I would run circles in the African Safari
but in reality, I remain here
trapped in the gridlock of the "big apple"
at times feeling rotten to the core
I feel content at times
others, I long for more
My soul wants to soar
However, my feet seem embedded in the floor
Merely 5 months shy of 22 years
lost in a dream
drowning in my tears
seeking compensation for my fears
They say the college years are the best years of your life
free from real stress
devoid of inner strife
Well, if that's so
the best years of my life are practically over
Just one more year separates me from commencement
The start of my true adult life
off on my own,
Alone and lonely
desiring companionship
I remain the one and only
Where will I go?
Where will I be?
perhaps traveling the world
in the manner of Tom Sawyer
Perhaps I'll be deceased
or my true dream, a lawyer
defending my people
searching for truth
Motivated by my history 
those that fell before me
for Malcolm, for everyone
that ever spoke out with vigor
for all the nameless
that were identified by the word nigger
My heart is much bigger
Driven by compassion
Emotionally charged
remembering what my mother instilled in me
"love your culture baby"
and never let them put you down
and when u are depressed, never let them see you frown
the reason why I love black women
attributed to the love in my mothers heart
have love for your brothers and sisters
take pleasure in making art
today is just the start
for you have many rivers to cross
many tears to shed
live your life to the fullest
at any given moment
The lord would have you dead
The words behind me
fortify my mind
Patience escapes me
but I keep writing
keep creating
in the hopes that one-day I will accomplish my goal
Pain will leave me
and happiness will engulf my soul.

Chicken Soup For My Soul by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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