The Blueprints of a Black Woman

by Charles Fox

One part love
to prove she has heart
One part brains 
to prove she has smarts
One part emotion
which uncovers her feelings
Two parts ambition
so as to further her dealings
One part confidence
the way she walks the walk
One part vocabulary
so she knows how to talk
One part headstrong
disrespect a sister?
Now you know that's dead wrong
One part Jealousy
so you know she's with you
Two parts mushy
so you can call her "Boo"
One part culture
to prove she has clout
maintaining peace of mind
that's what she's about
One part black nationalism
so she's down for her own
Two parts age and wisdom
so you know she's full grown
One part pride
so she represents well
another part deception
so at times you can't tell
is she lying or is she truthful?
to me, she is so beautiful
One part prenuptial
so your car is recoopable
One part advice
so you need not ask twice
One part tender care
so you know she's nice
Three parts intelligence
so you know she's not a fool
One part attractiveness
to make the white boys drool
One part envy
so the caucasians take note
I'm no racist
but it's not for the "valley girls"
that I wrote
One part ghetto
so she knows the streets
One part lyrics
so she doesn't just listen for beats
One part innovation
so she always keeps you guessing
One part hardhead
so she always keeps you stressing
Four parts respect
so you know she knows her place
One part beauty
written all over her face
Two pars devotion
so you know she's down for you
One part stubborn
doing only what she wants to do
Ten parts clever
fool a sister?
One part longevity
so any storm she can weather
One part family
so introduce her to moms
One part pugnacious
so she's quick with the palms
One part attitude
so she bends over for nathan
One part real
so you know she's not faking
throw in some sex appeal
plus a little bit of freak
maintain eye contact
whenever you speak
One part resistance
then add a little persistence
if something goes down
she'll be there in an instant
those are the blueprints of a Black Woman
the traces of her soul
One part spirit
then you accomplish your goal.

The Blueprints of a Black Woman by Charles Fox

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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