Black Woman, Why Don't You Smile?

by Charles Fox Jr.

Black Woman, why don't you smile?
Such grace and elegance
you move with such style
why won't you smile?
is it because you are unhappy?
perhaps because you never knew your pappy
has life treated you wrong?
have you played your last song?
what will it take for me to place a smile upon your lips?
you see, I can do more
than just get between your hips
Why do you cry Black Woman?
why do you shed tears?
you have endured the struggle 
for 600 long years
you are the daughter of ancient kings and queens
so why do you insist?
to find an answer to this question
indeed, I must persist
what's this?
is that a smile I have placed upon you?
have I been the catalyst to this reflex?
smile as wide and bright as a clear summer day
people talking around me,
but I can't hear what they got to say
I'm sprung
indeed, I must be smitten
it seems as though the love bug was present
and I think I have been bitten
has that beautiful smile left me so quickly?
has it vanished without a trace?
seemingly so,
because now there is a frown upon your face
all I have are answers 
to questions yet to be asked
though I see straight ahead
the future remains masked
Other women have tried to lay claim to me
but I simply want you to explain to me
tell me about your kinship
and I'll tell you about mine
then maybe you will smile again
all in due time
All I desire is to see that smile
if only for a moment
if I miss it, 
it will happen again, won't it?
Black Woman
why do you cry?
why do you falter?
perhaps it is me
that will lead you to the altar
has oppresssion gotten the best of you?
has prejudice worn you out
please know this Black Woman, 
I love you without a doubt
If it takes my suffering to get you to smile
then, so be it
I still desire to see it
no force in this world can prohibit me
I'll even say it explicitly
Fuck everything that has
and will ever do you wrong
I attempt to stare into your eyes
but I get lost in a song
what must I do?
to subside your pain
simply stated
this is driving me insane
but I must not refrain
I must love you to the end
you will be my wife someday
though at first you were my friend
I can see that his expedition
may indeed take a while
but I will still love you
perhaps maybe then, you will smile.

Black Woman, Why Don't You Smile? by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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