Blackberry Molasses

by Charles Fox

Blackberry Molasses!
Let me holler at you before the thought passes
As sweet as honey coated candy
You got me feeling fine and dandy
Excuse me for my slang
Sister, can I do my thang?
Can I praise you?
Spend every last one of my days with you?
Can I help you?
You see, we all have problems
Maybe mine are a little more than physical
Maybe spiritual
Perhaps mental
Or maybe all three
I have a serious jones for you
An intuition
A premonition
Perhaps I could sing it to you
Whatever you want,
Baby, I can bring it to you
Let down your guard
I know you've been scarred
Listen, forget your ex-man
He didn't appreciate your worth
I think you are what I've longed for ever since birth
I feel like you've been sent to me
Maybe an act of an almighty god
I know, I know, this all may sound a little odd
Walk with me, laugh with me, cry with me
Share the wonders of existence with me
Well, I always told my boys I'd never settle down
But you got me feeling high 
And sweetheart, I'm not ever coming down
Is this some drug?
This feeling that I have
I hope you feel it too
Listen to your heart
Can you hear it boo?
Examine your soul
And maybe you will find
The empty space inside
I think it's all mine
Do I have to get sentimental?
Please Sweetheart, don't be so judgemental
Sometimes I just get emotional like Carl Thomas
Baby give me your heart
I won't break it
I promise
I see you've been hurt
I can always spot pain
Some so-called player mad you a victim of "his game"
Lets grow old together
Unify with age
You and I together
For the rest of our days
Until the thrill of life passes...
Until the plane of life crashes...
Unitl we become no more than mere ashes...
Oh sweet, sweet, Blackberry Molasses.

Blackberry Molasses by Charles Fox

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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